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Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise Application Development India ERP & Software Enabling Services

ISYSFO ERP & software consulting and IPM service is a full fledged hand holding program which encompasses the following:

  • Identifying the Product/vendor based on business need/budget
  • Creating a roadmap for implementation
  • Create a Project Management Office Team (PMO) to implement as per roadmap
  • Facilitate and train the users on the adoption of new technology through Change Management process
ISYSFO selects a few ERP products and solutions that are available in the market, suitable for the clients business needs and evaluate them to be used by the client, based on the technological environment.

The technology infrastructure is studied and the business process of the client is understood before implementation. Requirements are analyzed and documented. The project scope is defined Then different products and solutions are analyzed meticulously and the process for the chosen products goes through several steps before implementation. The basic functionality of the product and the technology on which the product is based are considered The vendor who supplies the product/solution is minutely scanned and checked for efficiency and reliability of product delivery. The prices of different products and solutions are also examined in great detail and the best deal is obtained for the clients for implementation.

The client gets the best ERP product and solution which is ideal for their needs and at the same time cost effective during and after implementation.

The main challenges that organizations face are lack of synergy and clarity between organization's expectations from the ERP / software system and vendor/ implementation partner understanding of client's exact business requirements.

ISYSFO ERP /Software Optimization consulting service unravels the glitch in the ERP / Software by doing a thread bare study of the business / IT requirements and product / application functionality and advising organizations on the course of action to mitigate the risk of cost over run and depletion in performance and efficiency.

The ERP/Software Audit involve a detailed review and validation of the existing ERP / software system in terms of its functional performance. A full fledged mapping of the existing business process in relation to the application software is carried out. Based on the same, the utilization of all functional modules are captured and evaluated.

An important factor for success of any application implementation is utilization levels by the users. The Audit analyses, records and evaluates the utilization. Further, the existing access controls of the users are reviewed and detailed analyses of MIS reports are performed.

The crux of the audit is in validating the input versus output from the ERP /software that meet business requirements. Recommendation for optimization and enhancement to the existing application is one of the key deliverable of the Audit wherever applicable.

The salient benefits of the audit:

  • Clarity in terms of usage of the ERP/Software
  • Knowledge of user with respect to software
  • Easy and definitive approach to ERP optimization
  • Limiting or eliminating manual work done related to business process
  • Supports planning for ERP scale up

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